Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't you think Lady Ga Ga is great? I love her songs. =)
By the way, Happy Birthday my sexy girl !

Well well well, nothing interesting things going on these few days. I only know having this kind of boring life sucks.

Yesterday was terrible. I mean, overall, it was terrible, really TERRIBLE. I think I am going to go coo-coo. I can't stand the tuition teacher anymore. He is so freaking fierce and strict. Okay, I attended Chemistry class yesterday and I almost die - lack of oxygen. lol. You see, I bet everyone holds their breath when they are too nervous right ? Yesterday's lesson was an extraordinary one because he spent almost one hour asking questions. My heart was beating super duper fast and I was trembling. My fingernails were purple in colour. Please tell me I am blind and thank god my heart did not drop off.

Oh yeah, I almost puke because I think I swallowed too much of air - not hiccup or what. I mean it, puke.

I wonder who will safe me if I faint there. hahah.Whatever. He ruined my day and I hate him.

Right. Back to what happened between Siew Thong and I during Moral subject. It started when Siew Thong hit my head so I hit hers back and she did the same thing again. The funny part was when I looked up, I saw teacher staring at us with her opened mouth. hahah. (:

Gee. Today was not bad. I love talking to my handsome president. lol. joking sia. All the yellow house and blue house ahli have to stay back today for the latihan rumah sukan thingy so I did. Mum came at 4 something. =,= I waited alone like an idiot there. Thanks to him for offering to accompany me and sorry Kadine =) I think I will love you to death if you say you are jealous. LOL.

Sometimes, life is meaningless. Sooner or later, it will still fade.

Till then.

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