Saturday, June 13, 2009


Wondering what to do. I haven't finish my moral. I am really lazy and I have no idea why am I so lazy. ( talking rubbish actually )
bored. bored. and bored.
baby went to have a hair cut. :)
I have nothing to do so I choose to update my bloggie xD
Hubby asked me to sleep at 12.00am SHARP yesterday but I slept at 2++. I did not do other stuff. I was on my bed with my eyes closed but I just felt so energetic. turn to the right. turn to the left. right left right left right left. Still cannot sleep. ishhhh
and and oh my god ! it was like so so so so so 'COLD' !!
yeah.. so-called cold. ==
I was sweating like mad weiii and my shirt .. gosh .. WET
I am sitting in front of the computer and mommy is yelling and scolding at me (asking me to eat).
I am trying to say CHEESE and smile a little to my mum and say 'oooo'. :) -so that she will chill ma xD
I don't feel like eating at all. Yes, I am hungry now but I have lost of appetite and to make matter worse, I am having headache right now. :(

I only want my hubby ... but ...
or maybe my bolster :)


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