Friday, June 5, 2009

good one.

Another good old friend of mine.
Miss Wong !



To my hubby,
you are off to camp this morning. so early in the morning that I didn't get the chance to call you and say what I want to. I am worry hubby. really worry that I hardly sleep the day before.
hmphh ....
Jungle trekking and sort of. how dangerous !! :( you must becareful. It is a must !! I am so not going to forgive you if anything happen to you. Grrrr
You slept quite late yesterday and woke up so early in the morning. you must be very tired dear ... make sure you don't get yourself too tired during the camp, kay ?? and and uhhh .. DRINK MORE WATER ! get enough sleep and so on. please ..
gosh !
driving me crazy larrrr.
miss you so muchhhhh.


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