Monday, June 29, 2009

Embarrassing :(

We played basketball during the PJK lesson and before the match, everyone is asked to dribble the ball with left and right hands. Urmm.., from point A to point B. heh.
I managed to dribble using left hand but when I did the 'u-turn' back using right hand, I almost fall and to make matter worse, I screamed. == such noob ass.
Regarding to what Kadine told me, teacher said ''good, good...'' and before teacher finish her sentence, that's the time I almost trip. BLUSHED. :(
yeah .. I laughed, so do Min Shen and Siew Thong. urmm, maybe others too.. lOl.
like the way min shen laughs. heh.
geeee. overall, PJK lesson was okay.
Well, I really don't understand human beings in this world. I am the one that should be angry not you. Back stabbed me and you gt angry ?? ha-ha-haaaa. Want to know the reason I said you disappoint me ?? Thats the reason ! and I can't believe that you said I betrayed you. I did not say anything bad about you at all. yeah right .. just because of the way I look at you huh ?? alright alright. whatsoever. 'Mommy' is right. childish.
you know what you did. I don't care .. anymore.
change topic.
She is so beautiful and I cannot get you out from my mind.
p/s : I Love You

Hate it when you don't reply me.
I hardly remember the way you look now ...
I know its fading ... Is this what you want ???

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