Sunday, June 14, 2009

kanasai niaa

Mommy asked me to help her. okay. yes, as a daughter. This and that. Done. Later on, mum asked me to throw rubbish again. I have to go down and up again. FINE. Just when I reached home, (not yet wash my dirty hands), mum asked me to do something else. I am trying hard not to get angry or whatsoever. I controlled hard all because of you. You asked me to be patient and all that. So I did. Fine then. I laid my ass on the chair and not more than 3 seconds, mum called me. I was so tired and frustrated plus I am so freaking moody at this moment but I managed to control my feeling. I don't want to argue with mommy or .... maybe don't want to get scolded by her...
I am tired of waiting my friend. ( for something larh) Grrr. I already ask another friend of mine. Well.. I have to wait ... again .... yes .... again ..
what can I do now ??
cannot sms .. finish replying comments .. show middle finger in the air ?? haa-haaa-haaaaa ==
narhh.. I am not doing that lar .. c'mon.
mood swingggggggggggggggggggggggggg

feel like stabbing my chest with a knife. suffering .....
I hate I hate
owhhh .. god ..
I don't know what I should do now ..
I know I need you now but ....

It hurts so much ...


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