Sunday, June 7, 2009


took some quizzzz ..
pro leh..

*Tee just took the "Are you a good lover?" quiz and the result is Veeeeeeeery good lover!!.

You are really a good lover! You know how to enjoy and how to make your partner happy! You never let her/him down and you care about your relationship. Congratulations!

( hahah. as usual !! muahahaha. lol . == )


*Tee completed the quiz "How Well do you know Men?" with the result Excellent!! (100%).

Fantastic!! You really do know men pretty Well!! Either you're a master at what men really want or you've blatantly cheated! Or you might just be a man trying to find out if this quiz is authentic enough! whatever it is, Congratulations, you're an Expert on that pathetic species called "Man".

(muahahahah. I know MEN !!! )


* Tee completed the quiz "What Should You Get Pierced?" with the result Tongue.

This is a wild piercing and great for rebellion. You are a social, outgoing person, who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. You like to impress people and stand out from the crowd and aren't afraid to get feisty and stick out your tongue.This piercing can be easily hid and isn't that painful. But beware, most parents aren't pleased when their kids do this. This could be pleasurable.... kinky..

( hahah. I love them !! plan to do :) .. but .. maybe someone doesn't like ..)


*Tee just took the "what your attitude says about u" quiz and the result is Happy Go Lucky .

you tend to go with the flow and alot of ppl admire about that, u easily make friends and can keep them without discomfort. your very loyal and honest and if something doesnt suit you, you get over it easily. Laid back is the way you like to live!

( I am a happy go lucky person. :) )


Tee just took the "Are You Romantic? Or Naughty?" quiz and the result is Perfect kisser!.

U express ur love with kissing and u love to get pleasured in the same time! which is good!

( muahahahah . lol ! )


and a lot more.
lazy to post them.
miss my hubby

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