Friday, June 19, 2009

I am back ! heeehaaaaa :)

smile when you're feeling sad,
don't think about the bitter moments you've had,
cos when you're down , i am too,
so just smile cos i made this poem for you.

hahah. thanks kadine bianca tot. you roxx wei ..!!

Semi final for handball will be on next Monday. We practice a little today and I laughed so much and LOUD when Kadine and I were trying to play against Weng Yan and Min Shen. lOl.Kadine said I did the 'goaling' quite well. hahah. How awesome !! muahahahaha :) I can't wait to play against the other class on Monday. I am fearless ! muahahahaha. got confidence wert :) and I really love sports !! I want to win this match again !!!

Tomorrow I get to buy badges again. I will be buying the bintang 1 one .. Pity Thong because of M.W, she cannot buy .. nvm my friend will buy them 1 day.. ^^ and and .. I salute you wei !! you shouted F 9 you so loud in the middle of the field. hahahahah. Make me laugh like mad !!! Gosh.
Kadine and you always make me laugh wei . hahahah. lOl.

feel so happy today.

love isn't everything after all .. (:

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