Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday - school day.

Went to school as usual and 10 of the students from my class were absent. I went :) such good girl. hahah. perasan* . Today I brought Friday's books ( should be Thursday ). geezzz . such stupid fellow.
It was boring. Jack did stupid thing on my bottle. ==
see ~~>He did that. lOl ! no better things to do. :) 'sigh'
Biology was bored. I don't like the teacher because she sucks in teaching. no offence but I am telling the truth. I bet a number of students form my class agree with me. :)

Reached Pn.Toh's house at around 1.15 pm. Changed to full uniform and off to National HQ. The place is getting better. I think they repaint the wall that's why it looks awesome !

Not bad right ??
while waiting for the YABHG. Tun Jeanne Abdullah, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Binti Mansor and so on to reach, we, girl guides practised the salute thingy. * guard of honor.
We stood there for quite a long time and I took my camera out and captured a few stupid pic. hahah.
RED CARPET !! ~ for the honourable to walk gehhh. xD ( the legssss ^^ )

later on, we went to have have our sit.
We had our food and I was kinda full.
took some pictures before going back. those lame pose. hahah.
I clipped my front hair up because I was asked to :)

Xin Mei. ^^ A queen guide. :) lucky my eyes are not that bengkak d. lol !
lOl. Hug the tree !!!
SMK Sri Sentosa roxxxx !!!!!!

I really don't know what you want.

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