Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Treat me cendol aitee :)

I passed my presentation !!
This is the second time I present my proposal to Pn.Tek. The first time I failed so I have to redo them today. and and I did it ! :)
During the presentation, my hand was shaking and trembling so hard that I nearly fainted. lOl. I was so scared that I will fail again. While she is checking my proposal, I gasped in horror when I saw a mistake there.
I swallowed so hard that I think she heard. lOl.

After that, I went HQ to meet my sister. We went to have cendol. :) and I bought a bar of chocolate. :) (gaining weight) hahah.
narhhhhh .. who cares ?? enjoy while we can :)
finished them. licked my lip. off to HQ again.
My sis talked non-stop and did stupiak actions. lOl. I cannot stop laughing.hahah. guess what she did ??
imitate hubby and my pose.
LoL !
narhh... ignore her. she is lame.

nothing to do ..
captured few pictures.

and few more pictures.
(lazy to upload)

I know I am ugly but I didn't ask your opinion so SHIIIHHHHH.


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