Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Netball match will be on this Friday. I hope and pray that we will win again. ^^ Today was the koperasi day and there are lots of food sold in the multipurpose hall. I ate quite a lot :) lOl. not a big deal. everyone knows I love eating. geeee :)
Sista had netball match today and her class gt num 2 and and because of the match, I had to wait for her. ( almost late for tuition ) geeeee.. Reached home at around 4.30 pm and I have tuition at 5.00 pm. Went to have shower and off to Pn.Lai's tuition. Lydia and Shin Wei brought food ( I forget to bring my popcorn because I was rushing like mad ), so everyone enjoyed the food.
okay okay. A big full stop about FOOD.
You change a lot .. that's not you. You sound so moody. You don't really need to think or confirm about that anymore. I don't really care and mind already, so chill and cheer. :) Text me when everything is okay. I am bored. heh.


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