Monday, June 8, 2009


Have you ever wonder the reasons why people commit suicide ??
well, one of the reasons, stress out.
obviously when one cannot take it , they end their lifes. :)
I am just wondering what will happen when I end my life .. too. I want to know what mommy will feel and what is her reaction.
worth it ??
no idea.
Somehow, I gt really annoyed when 'somebody' starts to order me this and that and so on.
I really hate it when *** asks me to do stuff and and ..especially asks me to studyyyyyy ..
I hate to study . HATE HATE and HATE . heh. I just LOVE my babe.
By the way, so sorry dear for replying you that late. I was helping one of my friends to solve some relationship prob. :) I know you understand me and I know you don't mind. :)
miss you so so so so much.
love you hubby.

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