Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Somehow, I just look stupid in the pic. and .. with my stupid pimples, I look 'awesome' . aikss. S.Yee took photos of all the Ajks ( girl guides ) and I am not so sure about her purpose. Don't tell me she is going to put those pic in the school magazine.
Only me. ( don't click ! My pimples !!!)

Ketua kebajikan and pen. kebajikan.
Sister says she doesn't want to show her face.
p/s You look nice in this picture larr. trust me.
okay okay. and other pictures but I am lazy to upload. heh.

I miss you badly .. and I still love you .. I need the time machine !!

Hann Jian !! - Good luck to your injured hand ! hahah.

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