Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Slept quite well yesterday. thanks hubby :) love you.
went to school but was almost late as I overslept. aikss. We had assembly and are forced to do the marching and all that. I think it is lame. We as girl guides, do not know how to march ke ??? == They are just wasting time.
Fine, and then went to see Pn.Toh regarding the buffet, which is this coming Saturday. It is for the future queen guides. :) I wonder how the buffet will look like.
nothing much happened after that, just sat at my own place with some funny people around me. hahah. I talk quite little today but laughed kinda a lot. Sometime, I daydreamed about him. hahah. Perhaps you might just think that I am insane but so what ??
I love him and that's it !

with loves,

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