Thursday, June 18, 2009


Blogs are for people to express their feelings and not for people to read. Isn't it ?? who knows.

As a assistant secretary of the club, I find myself useless. I just don't know why .. hmmphh. We had our photography session today and I .. hardly smile in front of the camera. LoL

Tomorrow will be the handball match and I hope this time we will win again.
play rough ?? play nonchalantly ??
hope I can perform well .. I really hope ..
I am proud to be in 4a9. I love you people !! and I am proud to be in 3a7 before. guess what ??
We won in many matches (girls) :) heheh.
basketball, netball, handball, futsal, and .. still got what people ?? yeah ... and and ping pong ( I did not take part in ping pong )
Kadine roxxx ^^
I love my friends.
specially to weng yan,
thanks a lot .. I am so touch by your words.
By the way, thanks to kong weng for making me laugh a little. hahah.

pretending to be strong when I am not

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