Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As usual, assembly every Wednesday .. urmm.. and Monday. After all the shits going on, all students have to wait for the prefects to let us go back to our class. Kadine and I wanted to take another way so that we don't need to wait and of course to prevent those prefects from .. er.. denda us. heh. Saya ada banyak kesalahan ni .. - socks too short, tidak klip rambut, kuku panjang, and so and so. Geee

Unfortunately, we still gt caught. Our hairr. ==
Stayed back for
Exploration club meeting. I LOVE MY CLUB. EXPLORATION ROCKS !!
Exploration's symbol.
Okay okay. Kadine kept asking me to go but I insisted saying - '' don't want lah. later first lah..'' lOl.

Still, we dismissed quite early so I went to see the cheer and played basketball. :) Went back at 3.30 pm and off to tuition.
Thanks Kadine for your water.

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