Friday, July 10, 2009


Happy Birthday Ng Wen Xi

We had assembly today. Yes , on Friday but someone called Kadine and I for something so we skipped assembly. I was carrying my bag because I was kinda late to school so the prefects don't allow me to put my bag. ==
First period is Biology so we went to Bio lab. We had experiment today and yeahhh .. success !! (:
While waiting for the colours to change, urm .. the liquid in the test tubes larhh xD., Kadine and I mixed the smashed ikan bilis, potato, bread, orange juice, a kind or powder or flour ( tak tau apa tu larhhhh. heh. ), few drops of benedicts solution and don't know what solution already :P and lastly, a few drops of distilled water. We stirred everything and the smell of it - WALAU !! FANTASTIC ! (sarcastic larhh..obviously). I almost vomit because it really stinks. Yuckss. Gross.

School ends at 12.40 pm and I stayed till 4++ pm for pameran stuf. This year, exploration club use 2 classes for the ghost house thingy so, more newspapers are needed to cover the holes (prevent the sunlight from shinning in maaa). Both of my hands were black in colour because I crumpled the newspapers into' small balls'. geeee. so dirty.

Thanks to Spencer, Francis, Johnson, Chen Wei, Yang and few other guys(don't know their names.) for talking and making me laugh. xD (especially Johnson-don't know how to spell his name-
If not I will - BORED.TO.DEATH.
p/s : I don't know that that many people hate you. Padan muka ! HUATTT. even your closest guy betrayed you.

Have to go to school early in the morning tomorrow for G.G and EXP.


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