Monday, July 20, 2009

uh huh xD

I am HOT !
yeah ..
The weather is driving me crazy.. really crazy. @@
As usual, we have assembly every Mondays and we-the students have to sit on the floor listening to the announcements, LAWAD, peribahasa and so and so. Teachers pulak can sit on the chairs.
unfair right ?? fine.

First period was Chemistry so we have to go Chemist lab- that's for sure and oh lord .. no electricity for 2 periods. I was sweating and luckily I put my fringe up. xD Kadine and Arrica can still sing songs. hahah. *claps claps*

I laughed really a lot today because of a clown- Brandon Chin.
Well, Eu Gene and I are supposed to practise saying our dialogues with 'feelings' but he cannot do it especially the - '' hey ! hi ! ''.
So, Brandon took the script and 'taught' Eu Gene the way of reading it with 'feelings'. That's the time my 'laughing disease start' till my stomach ached. geeee
There is a part where Eu Gene is suppose to say the word 'uh huh' but end up, Brandon and I start rapping and beatboxing (ofcourse I don't know this 1 larhh. xD, Brandon did this.) using the word uh huh. hahah. I know we made too much noise so, sorry people.

By the way,
Thanks Thong for sending me those pictures.

till then.


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