Thursday, July 16, 2009


Did not update my blog for three days already so, here I come. :)
Exhibition Day is already over and I miss the day. seriously.
Yesterday, Exploration club had meeting after school so I stayed back. President and secretary (2009) had already discussed among themselves about the ajks for next year. Next year's president will be Chen Wei. Congrats. I don't need to type out my post as everyone already saw my stupid name on the whiteboard this morning.
I think I start to like him ( others, jangan perasan larhh. xD) .. I wish you are not the one I like. oh lord ..
I want to play basketball badly !! Grrrrr

There will be a perjumpaan this Saturday but there is a carnival going on on the same Saturday too. aikss. No idea what to do. cut myself into two ?? *slaps forehead*

Off to Bio lab early in the morning and we did another experiment. Success ! (: We did a great job right ? hahah. Siew Thong and I mixed all the fruits juices and the DCPIP ( I think) solution. We even go around the tables asking from other group's juices. lOl. I know we are childish but who cares ?? xD
By the way, I still remember what Phui Kei said. hahah. Cannot stop myself from laughing larrrr. =]
Ate my lunch at 3++ pm. ( because mum has to fetch sis to tuition first ) ==
Happy Belated Birthday
~~> Jun Ho (15/7)
~~> W. Tze Jian (15/7)

Happy Birthday
~~> Wei Kien

miss my bro.

I am who I am.

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