Saturday, July 11, 2009

Be happy larhhh. xD

As a human being, I don't expect everyone to like me or maybe to love me. Who really cares about all this ? Just be who you are. (: They must be A person that like me .. that love me. (: or maybe two .. I love myself and that's more than enough. :]

To somebody,
Face the fact if someone hates you. I know who you are and LOL !! I can guarantee tell that you expect everyone to like you because you cannot control your temper and are eager to know who am I talking about once you see that short message. You are afraid that you are the one I am talking about. C'mon baby .. chill and cheer. Many things happened to me and I act nonchalantly and can still laugh like a big nut. Don't deny how you feel because I know. A big 'HAHA' for you.

and and, think twice before you do or say something. I am sure you are smart enough. geeeeee
HURRAY !!! looking forward to next Monday, HARI PAMERAN !! I gt my club shirt today and I think it is okay. I love the colour of the shirt, BLACK !! (: Exploration club rocks to the max !!
p/s : Who cares whether you people hate this club. You must be thinking - sucks lahh. sucks like hell ! BUT, I don't care ..... I like mai can lorhhh.

blablablaaa ~~~

I saw Frank today and he changed his hairstyle. how awesome. (: talked for a while then went back home with 4 blisters on my legs. geeee

Oh yeah ..
your shirt is with me. I was finding for you to give you but you are nowhere to be seen. Ish. will give you on Monday. no worries. (:

smile smile smile
:) :) :)


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