Saturday, July 18, 2009


I laughed so much yesterday because of my LOVABLE BRO !!
thanks !
you rock, bro .. do you know ??

I went to school at 8++ am ( I know I am late. xD ) for girl guide stuff. Nothing much to do BUT I had so so so so much fun with Xin Mei and Eugene ! The popcorn did by 1 of the groups (PBSM) is great. AWESOME. Xin Mei and I tried. Kar Men took the most. hahah.
I saw Kumaran, Asthen, Ganesh, Pra, Shar and others today. They went to school to attend a talk about ---. xD
Later, Eugene and I played something. Laughed too much till my stomach ache. aikss. His hand was red in colour. (: Played game and he is the loser. hahah.

Reached home at 11++ pm . Ate lunch and get ready for something. heh.
Mum and I went shopping because I insisted to go. Bought lots of FOOD (: !! and ate ice-cream.
I even went around the mall - looking for nice gifts for two of my friends.
(xm and wk) but the stuff they sold there are lame so I did not buy anything. ==
I will try my best to get something for you. -wink-

I know who you are but I don't care .. as I said. Do what you want. By the way, what you say or scold won't hurt or make me angry anymore. You are not that important after all. Thank god for this. ( you back stabbed others also larr... rmb what you told me about her ? macam larhh you very innocent. == )

To my brother, sister and KS,
I want to meet you guys and my stepsister A.S.A.P !! xD Miss all of you so much. Miss me boh ??


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