Thursday, July 9, 2009

smiles. (:

The first thing that happened when I reached school today was - EXP this EXP that.
DX room is destroyed but I really don't know who did them. Some of the classmates say EXP club members did it. Argue ini argue itu. *slap forehead* Oh yeah .. don't show me such stupid face. Geeee. It is funny. muahahaha. whatever. who cares.
p/s : thanks Brandon. :)
Pn. Mugil asked me which hospital I will be going for my operation and I am so not going to tell. geeee. I heard someone saying -a place- and asked something. oh lord .. don't embarrass yourself larhh. hahah. malu larhh you. kakaxx
C'mon, don't make me laugh dude ! The way you act - suck. lOl.
Physics was so darng boring-as usual. Sharwena and I skipped and went to the library for some stuff. I saw my darling (rukia) there but I did not talk to her. heheh. sorry larhh , I was reading something plus you are kinda far away form me. heh. Later on, Mokky came and sat beside me. Sharwena said something funny (can't recall what she said) and I cannot control myself already so I burst - laughed. == Mokky was looking at me and said '' SHIHHHHH''
She is so beautiful
so damn beautiful ..


I don't care about you people anymore.


oh yeah, thanks miss wong. (:

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