Monday, July 6, 2009


She is getting more and more ridiculous. SHE has gone mad, gone insane ! Sis doesn't do anything wrong. Maybe, yes, JUST forget to keep something .. only .. Mum starts to scold her and she says that she wastes time doing the file ( club's file for hari pameran). Fine. Honestly, I agree with what my sis said, mum can choose not to see ( the files/ papers on the table). Guess what 'mommy' did ???
The 'lady' threw all the documents and papers on the floor and mess up the whole file. Sis has to hand them in on this Wednesday. Now, she has to redo everything..
Sis cried. thats for sure. Mum didn't say sorry but she scolded her again. She says she will slap her if she still cry. WTF.
so-called mum.




  1. ask yr sis cheer up..n u also cheer up oo..