Saturday, July 4, 2009

Report Card Day

Everyone had to go to school early in the morning because the armchair treasure hunt start at 8.00 am (If i am not wrong.). We were given a bottle of mineral water and muffin as breakfast. (padahal, I ate before going to school.-as usual. xD).
blablabla~~~ We (Faridah, Natasha, Siew Thong, Kumaran and I) took 36 minutes to finish the treasure hunt thingy. I laughed so much and LOUD (omg. malu.) during the treasure hunt. lOl.
We finished early so we went back to class.
While waiting for my mum to take the report card, more than 10 people including me gathered and said ghost stories. RAWRR.
fiction and non fiction. heh. Have you ever experience this ??
- when you are sleeping, all in sudden, you cannot open your eyes, cannot move your body at all and hardly breath..
This happened to me many times since I was in primary school (If I am not mistaken) till now. The previous time was last month and hopefully it will not happen again. I never tell this to my mum because she says things like - ayahhh .. you are dreaming larhhh. no such things one larhh. and so and so. She does not understand me and she never understand me. So, no point telling her right ?? geeee
okay okay, stop with the ghost thingy and lets switch to teacher and mother AND SISTER.
Mum reached and went to get my R.C. with my sis beside her. Teacher said I am a good girl but talkative. heh. siapa tak suke bercakap nii. *slap forehead*
... Suddenly, sis menyampuk saying that she always see me sleeping and - I.NEVER.DO.MY.HOMEWORKS.
C'mon, where were you when I do my homework ??
s.l.e.e.p.i.n.g or t.u.i.t.i.o.n
I am not allowed to go Pizza Hut with my friends as what I had already expected. Mum will never let me go. she only let my sister.
~ sunway lagoon? NO. mid valley? NO. farewell party? NO. shabu shabu? NO. pizza? NO. cheer? NO.
Everything I ask, she will say no. lOl. She never say yes. Getting more and more pissed off.


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