Thursday, July 23, 2009


Isn't it sweet when someone wishes you all the best and says something really sweet sambil sayang your cheek ?
hahah. Thanks Alyssa for your lucks. =) and also to others.
To my sister, a special 'Thank You' to you for telling me to die.
thanks !


School as usual today but during recess, something happened and I - the retard laughed damn banyak tapi no sound. xD Natasha, Kadine, Siew Thong and I hided somewhere and ST and Natasha have to cover my mouth with their hands to prevent urmm .. stopping me from laughing ( because they said and did something funny maaa. heh. ) out loud.
wow wow wow !!
Rupanya saya boleh ketawa tanpa mengeluarkan suara. xD but of course very suffering. lOl. C'mon, I used to laugh very loud
( urm..actually sekarang pun ada nii) right ?? heh.

English oral will be on Friday. Yes, tomorrow. Hopefully, Eu Gene and I can present our dialogues properly and uhh .. successfully.

By the way, people .. eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation. =) heheh.

Someone said something about Exploration Club in her blog. Geee..
Click here.
Even though I don't know what is going on but I hope you guys will be okay. :)


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