Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ohhh.. I am stupid. Huattt

Last Thursday, Ms Colleen ( my English tuition teacher ) asked us to write a complete essay which end with the sentence ''...and they never found out the truth.'' in 1 hour.

Today, I got it back. Guess how much?? not a proud result. 10 over 50. yeah .. 10 marks only. Everyone did quite bad especially me because I wrote everything in present tense. That particular essay should be written in past tense because of the word ''FOUND'' and a stupid fellow (blind ass) like me , did not realise it.

Ms Colleen said every one's essay is not 'passable' yet except for mine (glad to hear that), just that I did a STUPID mistake. Well, she said that it is really stupid for me to make that fatal mistake and she never use the word 'stupid' unless it is really stupid. (she told me in front of everyone. geeee. malu larhh.)

Anyway, I am relieve to hear that she says I have talent and I write interesting essays. :)

The 5th page, the last page. 10/50 !! Grrrr

Class pictures. 4a9 roxx :)

( I look ... eewww.. retarded. heh.)

27 more days ..., here I come !!!
God bless me.


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