Monday, July 13, 2009

Exhibition Day

I woke up at 5.15 am feeling extremely excited. I wore shorts even though we were asked to wear track bottom. I cannot stand the weather so, who really cares ? Face the music and that's it. xD

This year's haunted house is so much better than last year because it is really scary. Hundreds of tickets were sold out within few minutes so we have to reuse the tickets. smart huh ?? xD Each ticket cost RM 4. Guess how much we earned ??
The first 1++ hour, I stood in front of the main entrance - shouting ''mm ho yi da guai r' ( obviously in Cantonese) which means - ''cannot beat ghost r.'' lOl. and walking around seeing the situation (in and out of the haunted house). Later on, I got bored, so I went in as a ghost. Urmm..I be the ghost larrr. Starting, I cannot stop laughing when those people screamed in horror. I sat on the floor laughing with my hands on my stomach. ^^ I know it is evil to laugh at them but I just think it is fun and funny to see them -
After a few minutes(only), I was sweating and I can feel the sweat dripping all over my body. Totally wet ! Gross.

There are two cases that happened to me ..

First, - A girl screamed when I appeared (all in sudden) in front of her. She stared at me so I stared back at her. (for about 3-4 seconds) . I screamed at her. She screamed back at me. I look at her. She looked back at me. Then .. guess what she did ??! She raised her hand and knocked my head. Awww. I went after her, scolded and yelled at her until she reached the exit. xD ( siapa suruh dia ketuk kepala saya ?? :P ) How dare she beats me. ==
p/s : Everyone is warned not to beat or even touch the ghost. ==

Second case, - A guy accidentally kissed me on my cheek. It happened when he shake his stupid head with his eyes closed. His mouth 'bang' my cheek really hard and oh lord, it hurts ! I bet his lip bleed. (padan muka ! )

The sound of the child crying and the lights that flicks are awesome ! :) (Even though the lights make me dizzy.) I enjoyed. (:

There are people that cried because of the haunted house. hahah. lOl.

People lining up - The Haunted House.
Scouts gadjets. ^^


You are still my friend.

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