Monday, July 6, 2009

I just want peace. thats all.

We gt 3rd place for the armchair treasure hunt thingy. WOW WOW WOW . Never expect we will win. :)
whatever. its over. I don't really care about the money now. I only want peace. I cannot stand a woman's voice already. Not going to tell who the person is but I really gt piss off.

Not in a good mood today. Don't understand how human beings in this world think. Basketball-no teamwork at all. Fine. whatever. I no longer care about it.

Operation coming nearer and nearer. who cares. I think admitted in the hospital is better than living with someone.

People, what is the meaning of pat po ? or maybe sei pat po ?? Can you stand it when someone kept scolding you with this word ? If you do. I can't. Trying to control myself not to call you old woman. You will just put the blame on me even if I didn't do anything wrong. Everything you do or you say, you just think that you are right. You scold me almost everyday because you want to release your so-called stress. You never think of me. You think of yourself. You want me to study and you say it is for my own good. Yes, I do think its for my own good, too, but not now anymore. The way you act, really make me feel that you just want glamour.

Perhaps, you should think twice before you scold or say something. I wonder how long I can stand all this.

I don't care if your friend see this and tell you. I dare to post this and I am ready for your music.

Don't give me a damn.

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