Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Ball

Volleyball match today. They asked to join - last minute. Not in the mood to blog so I will cut everything short.
We won and gt into semi final. The worst part.
We lost .. because of me.
I have to serve ( don't know whether the spelling is correct or not ), and that was the last ball. Win or lose, depends on the ball - whether it passes the net or not.
I reminded myself that I tried before, which was last year, that I did it. I remembered it went over the net. I swallowed hard- throw the ball up - aim - and hit. Go !!

I failed. We lost. at least I tried my best so don't blame me.

I went out of the school compound right after the match. Mum and sis were waiting for me for more than 50 minutes already. I got into the car with broken heart and .. Grrr.. I have to face the 'music'. Mum kept scolding because she told me before that I am not allowed to join or play any sports already in case I hurt my backbone again.

Imagine life without sports .. for 1 year ...


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